Short Stories – The Siren and Other Strange Tales

THE SIREN AND OTHER STRANGE TALES is a collection of six short stories spanning the twentieth century; each one with a spooky twist.

Double-dealing care assistant Mandy Robinson meets a mysterious cat. The cat knows when death approaches but does Mandy?
On a lonely road in France, self-absorbed artist Gavin is given some ghostly marriage guidance.
Whilst on holiday in France, rebellious teenager Sukie meets a SeanConnery look-alike. He and his fast sports car proves to be one life-lesson too far.
In German-occupied France collaborator Jean Fourrier pays the price for his betrayal.
A simple game of cards between four respectable middle-aged ladies. Nothing could be more natural…could it?
A stranger comes to a remote seaside village in the middle of winter. What haunts him? Is it grief or guilt…?









“Does exactly what it says on the cover, delivers six supernatural stories that kept me reading.”

“Enjoyed all of them, but particularly The Siren and Boy With The Harmonica. All six stories are economically told, and entertaining. Good value for money, I think.”

“Fascinating short tales with a twist”

“Great collection of short stories. I demolished them with great ease while travelling recently, it was great to have something that was short and easy to concentrate on. Really enjoyable.”

“Perfect for short moments of literary respite.”

“This collection is a perfect choice for the coffee break, the train journey and the like. They are easy to read, brimming with twists, turns and intrigues and for some readers, quite thought provoking. The description and scene setting in the Siren was particularly good. That plus Toussaint and Boy With The Harmonica were my favourites.”