Fantasy Novel – The Weave – Now Released

My debut fantasy novel – The Weave – is now available from Amazon.

It’s been eighteen months in the writing/editing and I’ve checked and re-checked it so many times that I almost know it off by heart.

The hardest part for me is actually the marketing of the book.  I’m not very comfortable with this aspect and it’s a steep learning curve as well.

For all of that it is most satisfying to have completed the book and the next one will be on its way soon – a historical fantasy.

Extract from #Fantasy Novel #The Weave – Finding the Nonesuch Club

In this extract from fantasy novel The Weave, author Richard Pease has come to a writers’ retreat in France to try and break through writer’s block. He finds the retreat – the Nonesuch Club – for the first time.

At night the maze of narrow streets and dark alleyways seemed forbidding. Tall houses on either side of the streets leaned drunkenly against each other, many with a first-floor storey overhanging the street below, looming, somehow threatening.

He shambled around the deserted streets with no particular direction in mind and found himself approaching the church via the Rue de Penitents Blancs. ‘I’m white and I’m very penitent,’ he shouted wildly, ‘so what are you picking on me for?’

In reply a jagged shot of lightning ripped across the sky followed by the rolling crash of thunder. It began to rain – at first huge spattering drops and then a skin-soaking, flesh-numbing torrent. Another shot of lightning, the street lights flickered, died plunging Richard into blackness. Not a shard of light to be seen – no glimmer through the closed shutters or lead-latticed fanlights, just blackness. ‘Oh yes, oh yes, very funny,’ he cried…

He swivelled this way and that like a pointer dog casting for a scent. In the end he turned blindly to his right and slowly crept along the cobbled street. He muttered to himself. ‘If that was the Penitents’ Rue then I’m near the church and…’ but he was too befuddled. He gave up trying to work it out. Instead, holding his hands out in front of him he shuffled forward. At one point he was convinced he heard footsteps behind him and a flicker of fear grew. He tripped and stumbled on the cobblestones.

Under the shelter of an overhanging roof he stopped and peered into the darkness behind him. He saw nothing. The rain poured off the roof spattering the pavement and splashing up the hems of his jeans. He looked behind him again and, in the flash of another lightning shot, thought he could make out a dark figure. Nervously, he began to shuffle forward again. He took just a few steps when he felt a touch on his shoulder. Whipping round, a trailing tendril of wisteria hanging loose from a house wall brushed his face.

Thoroughly unnerved he panicked and turned down a side alley. He had no idea where he was. Again he felt a touch on his shoulder and he broke into a blind run, stumbling and splashing through the stone gutter that ran down the centre of the alleyway.

Then he saw it… just a glimmer of greenish-blue light ahead. Gasping, he half-ran towards it. He stood in front of huge wooden gates.

Above the gates an old-fashioned  oil lantern glowed dimly. On one of the gates a large bronze knocker in the form of a grotesque spider glimmered in the light. He hesitated then reached out for the knocker.

That’s it for now. My debut fantasy novel The Weave now available from Amazon.


Coming Soon – #The Weave – Cover Reveal

“When struggling author Richard Pease joins a writers’ retreat and finds himself tangled in a centuries-old web of intrigue and deception he has more to deal with than writers block…like escaping with his life.”


I thought that you might like to see the cover for my book The Weave.  Hope you like it. Should be out in November.

So what do you think? If you saw the cover  in a bookshop or on-line would it intrigue you or would you give it the go-by?