Close to the Edge – Tales from the Holderness Coast


The Holderness Coast and its Lost Villages

The Holderness Coast in East Yorkshire is a 38 mile stretch of English coastline between Flamborough Head to the north and Spurn Point at the southermost tip. It has the dubious honour of being one of the fastest eroding coastlines in the world. Over the centuries more than thirty villages and settlements have disappeared and ‘gone back to the sea’.

Close to the Edge – Tales from the Holderness Coast captures some of the history of this unique coastal strip before it fulfils its destiny and falls into the sea. The book offers a selection of stories bringing to life people, places and events from past times.

You will discover:
Why Fat Willy gave land to found a monastery
What happened to the port of Ravenser Odd?
Who murdered the Rev. Enoch Sinclair?
Why is the Holderness Coast shrinking?
Who were the Naughty Nuns of Nunkeeling?

Includes approximately 30 images of both contemporary and old photographs, maps and other drawings.

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