In the Beginning…

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These old photos show the street where I live in about 1900. My house isn’t really clear but, in the above photo it’s about half-way along the street on the left-hand side. I think that’s a great pile of manure outside it!

The house was built in the late eighteenth century and was originally a farmhouse with stables and cart sheds on the ground floor (now garages) and living accommodation on the first and second floors. The land belonging to the farm lay at the back of the property. Hard to believe that most of the rest of the street was just fields at one time around the late 1700’s.

When I bought it, it seemed a little tired although doing its best to impress:

The house -2013
The house -2013

It had been modernised and gentrified within an inch of its life with most of the original features obliterated. My aim is to restore what I can and introduce some period features without going all chintzy and twee.

Today the street looks like this:


And the house looks like this:

House 2016
House 2016

The first floor is now a letting apartment and I occupy the ground and second floors.